4 years
Flight dates: 03/02/2016 (A)
30/03/2016 (R)
Miles 10.532 Miles
Company: Meridiana Fly
Flight Dakar - Milano Malpensa
Origin:Dakar Senegal
Hospital:Ospedale Pediatrico Istituto Giannina Gaslini
Involved ONG:Ana Moise ONLUS
Flight cost€1.440(A/R flight fare)
Ousmane doesn't go to school, doesn't leave the house, doesn't play, doesn't run.
His heart is so weak that he even struggles to speak.
In Senegal there are no facilities equipped for such a delicate operation.
Ousmane need to arrive at Gaslini to be operated on.

The departure

Ousmane and his mother had never boarded a plane, but they worked up the courage, his mother knew that if she wanted to try to save her baby, she had to get on that plane and cross the world. The little one and his mother left together with Alice (invented name), a NPO cooperator of Ana Moise. The child was so weak that his mother and Alice held him in their arms at check-in, at every stop, for the whole long journey they didn’t leave him for a moment.


On February 3 they landed in Genoa, in a few days Ousmane was operated on and began to feel better. On March 30, he was ready to go home with his mom.

Back home

On the day of departure they were really beautiful: with their colourful traditional clothes under their coats, smiling and ready to go home with their 'party clothes’ on. But we were even more pleased after talking to Alice today, after a few months, Ousmane is fine, so well that he has started kindergarten. For the first time in his life he can walk, go to school on his own legs together with all the other children! These stories are the ones that give us the energy to continue doing our work with passion and dedication.

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