Partner organizations

We receive requests for collaboration from all over the world,
to guarantee children's right to health.

Flying Angels operates within a real SOLIDARITY NETWORK.

There are more and more actors who are part of it and they all work together with the same goal: giving to seriously ill children an opportunity, a chanche, thanks to a flight.

Over time, through a continuous work of building relationships and trust, the Foundation has built the basis of a permanent dialogue between non-profit organizations (which in most cases report requests for help), doctors, hospitals, donors, volunteers, ambassadors and stakeholders in general. As a result, a strong valuable chain, based on common values and will, took place, with a positive direct social potential impact. Thanks to the network in which it moves, Flying Angels has transformed a way of working "for emergencies" into a helping activity and a continuous presence, as much as possible.

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS: an expanding network

Flying Angels Foundation today cooperate with almost a hundred organizations that are reporting cases and stories of seriously ill children. Many of them are in Italy, but an increasing number are scattered around the world, with the ultimate aim of being able to intervene where there is an urgent need, a vital call for help, wherever it is.

The number of new partners is incerasing year on year and each new activation is a PRECIOUS OPPORTUNITY to expand the area of action at a territorial level in ordert to be present where the need is.

From the moment of reporting, a relationship of mutual trust and collaboration is established both with the partner organizations and with the children and their families, in order to ensure that maximum collaboration, support and assistance, where need, is possible.
Thanks to and through the organizations, even if it is sometimes very difficult, we try to keep the bond with the children helped along the way, for as long as possible, once they have returned to their countries of origin.
Receiving updates on their health conditions is a way of cultivating the precious relation that is created between children, donors and all the people involved in the organisation of life-saving flights.

Flying Angels take action according to the criteria of urgency, seriousness and non-operability on site: this means that the relationship with partner organizations can often be sporadic and not continuous, but always aimed to the maximum effectiveness and efficiency possible.


A network made by special and precious people and partners

The testimony of Ana Moise

There are stories, relationships, which are built day after day.

The Ana Moise Onlus Association is responsible for providing hospitality and support to sick children from developing countries who cannot be treated in their countries of origin.
It is the first non-profit that, in 2012, needing help, turned to Flying Angels, just then established, to fly little Rame as soon as possible, who was only a few months old, urgently needed a delicate heart operation.
From that moment to today a continuous collaboration has developed, a solid relationship that has allowed us to save many children.
Here is the testimony of Corina - in Ana Moise since 2015 as a volunteer and since 2017 as coordinator and member of the board of directors - who describes her unique experience of being part of a life-saving project.

The collaboration with Flying Angels is like a winning a lottery ticket for our association and a spearhead for the lives of those sick children who seemed to be born with no place in life.

We are a small association that began its activity about 20 years ago, often facing difficulties of all kinds in order to find a place in the world for the children most in need. Many times our little ones have taught us that it is in all of our hands to help our neighbours and there are two reasons for this: the suffering of others is not contagious and our ability to accept it is not constant. Therefore, touching the suffering of others, with your own hands, first of all enriches and strengthens ourselves and then we experience the miracle: the healing of that little boy declared untreatable in his own country.

Experiencing the joy and happiness of the mother upon returning home, with her child in her arms, dressed for the first time in the most beautiful dress in the world, health, is a unique emotion that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Luckily for our association, but above all for our little angels, the Flying Angels Onlus Foundation, by ensuring the travel of our little ones and their mothers, from their country of origin to Italy, it has given us this great opportunity, to experience emotions this intense in such a "huge" way. 

The precious collaboration with Flying Angels, from the time of the foundation itself to today, has represented a great opportunity for growth for us, not only for the number of children welcomed, which to date are hundreds, but also for the possibility of more countries around the world to be able to intervene, making sure that the voice of children's suffering is heard and welcomed everywhere in the world. The support of Flying Angels has allowed us to become who we proudly are today and to be able to offer the children we have welcomed “the journey to a place in life”.

THANK YOU for giving us a journey of emotions and daydreams !.”

How to collaborate with us

In order to establish a collaborative relationship that is as much effective as possible, in moments where the time factor is crucial, we have developed detailed guidelines that explain eligibility criteria for a financed air transfer of children (and/or mission), always for urgent medical purposes.
Each Non Profit Partner Organization, through that documentation, can be properly informed at any time, in a transparent way.