Little patients

We finance flights for seriously ill children around the world:
dove c’è un bisogno, vogliamo esserci

Financed flights

This map shows all the air flights that we have managed to finance together.
It shows the impact of donations and how it was possible to intervene in a concrete and direct way, on single, precious, lives.
Your gestures have become life expectancy.

Look for the information of the child you have helped

Areas of intervention

the financing of flights is always aimed at reaching a hospital where life-saving treatments and interventions can be received.
Statistically the main areas of intervention, at a medical level, are: 






Specialized surgery



In every case, it is a question of having a decisive impact on the lives of children with serious pathologies, who have no hope in their countries of origin. Our commitment is directed at them, to drastically change the course of their destiny.

Their thanks goes to you

Here are the stories of some of the children that we flew thanks to you and to the life-saving care they desperately needed. In such delicate moments it is not easy to have the opportunity to share images and confidential information, so we do not have the opportunity to tell you about everyone's experiences in detail.

However, the gratitude of families and their affection is always immense.


It seems unbelievable that a plane ticket can save a life, yet there are children who, in order to receive the necessary treatment, have to travel a very long way as the facilities and medical personnel needed to treat them are not available on site: a flight is their only possibility but many families cannot afford the cost of the ticket.

Our daily work is dedicated to them.

The story of Ines

Arriva una richiesta di aiuto.
È urgente.
È grave.
Serve intervenire immediatamente per salvare la piccola Ines, di soli 3 mesi: l’unica possibilità è organizzare al più presto un trasporto con aeroambulanza dalla Tunisia all’Italia.

Daniel's flight

Daniel flew with Flying Angels in 2018. His story and face has become a representation of the children we try to help every day. Like each of them, Daniel has remained in our hearts. Years later we receive his photos that, from afar, fill us with joy: it becomes bigger and bigger and embraces life!