Your contribution makes every flight possible.
Let's build a concrete, life-saving project together.

How can we collaborate

When a child is fighting for life, being able to get to a specialized hospital in the shortest time is vital: the longer the waiting time, the greater the risk of not making it.

Your company can support Flying Angels and save the lives of many children by developing a meaningful and measurable collaboration in terms of effectiveness and social impact.

Tanti modi per collaborare

Flying Angels promotes collaborations and partnerships with companies in a win-win perspective. An analysis of the reference sectors and the needs of the company goes hand in hand with the characteristics of our mission.

Why collaborate

Here are some reasons to become a Flying Angels Foundation Partner, Supporter and Ambassador:


Simple and concrete mission

  • Immediacy and effectiveness of the projects and their communication
  • Direct and immediate social impact.

Speed and effectiveness

Flying Angels is a lean and flexible organisation, capable of developing meaningful structured and valuable projects thanks to:

  • a consistent corporate background
  • more than ten years of expertise in fundraising activities.

Giving further ethical relevance to the work of the company

working at the corporate image, brand identity and corporate social responsibility (CSR) has an exponential positive impact

  • on company performance (Nielsen Global Survey of CSR 2014
  • on employee motivation
  • on visibility
  • on the internal and external image, as the stakeholders are increasingly attentive and sensitive to virtuous behaviour. In fact, for example, the number of people who are willing to spend more on products and services of socially responsible companies is constantly growing.

Become part of an important network of supporting companies

The companies that support the foundation constitute the solidarity network that allows the foundation to grow year after year.  


Transparency and measurability

The Foundation's financial statements are certified by Ernst & Young.
In addition, all proceeds from specific collaborations are reported in terms of the children helped, with their stories.


Tax advantages

The donations provided by entities and companies are deductible and deductible according to the current provisions of the law.

Agevolazioni fiscali

Le erogazioni liberali delle imprese (società di capitali o cooperative o consorzi od enti di diverso tipo, pubblico o privato, che abbiano per oggetto esclusivo o principale l’esercizio di attività commerciali) godono di benefici fiscali.
Condizione necessaria per accedere alle agevolazioni è che il versamento sia eseguito tramite mezzo tracciabile.


Deducibilità dal reddito complessivo netto delle donazioni in denaro per un importo non superiore al 10% del reddito complessivo dichiarato (art. 83, comma 2 del D.Lgs. 3 luglio 2017, n. 117).


Deduzione dal reddito le donazioni in denaro per un importo non superiore a 30.000 euro o al 2% del reddito d’impresa dichiarato (art.100, comma 2, lettera h del D.P.R. 917/86)

Some of our collaborations



Our 2021 goal is, together, to be able to keep on helping seriously ill children asking for HELP, facing Covid 19 Emergency.

To enable around 60 children, together with one parent, to fly toward their only chanche bambini del mondo

To enable 5 Medical Equipes to reach and operate, locally, over 50 children

Founding over 120 lifesaving flight tickets

Might you be interested in becoming a Flying Angels Foundation partner, do not hesitate to write to tel +390100983277

Secure donations

In order to ensure secure transactions, we have implemented the best protection standards for online payments on our website.
You can thus donate with the only desire to concretely help a child to fly!