Fai battere centinaia
di piccoli cuori

Salva un bambino cardiopatico

Emergenza bambini Ucraina

Hanno bisogno di te, di noi

Lascia un segno
in tante piccole vite

Aiuta con la tua firma.
Dona con il 5×1000.

we need YOU
to help them fly

when the only chance for a lifesaving treatment are far away,
a flight is the only possibility.

A flight is the only chance
You can make the difference

Help a seriously ill child
to reach the cure he/she desperately needs

we need YOU

to help them fly

You can make the difference

A flight is the only chance


There are, seriously ill children in the world, whose country of origin doesn’t have the treatment, hospital facilities and/or medical personnel they so urgently need. When a child is fighting for his life, the possibility of reaching a specialized hospital in the shortest pos-sible time is vital: the longer the waiting time, the greater the risk of not succeeding.

Flying Angels intervenes in health emergencies, promptly, supported by a scientific committee and in collaboration with various organiza-tions operating in pediatric healthcare, with the sole and ultimate purpose of getting children to the hospital, quickly.

Together we can save a life: by allowing seriously ill girls and boys to reach a hospital where they can be treated, thanks to a plane ticket.

A donation that translates into a concrete, immediate act.

For a child's life, this makes a difference.


Flying Angels works to protect the right to healthcare of children around the world, making life-saving treatments accessible to them in the event of serious diseases, by air transport to the hospital ready to welcome them, before it is too late.


Flying Angels finances flights for doctors and medical teams who go to countries with hospital structures and specialised physicians who are particularly lacking, both to perform surgical missions on site and, at the same time, to train local medical personnel.

Air ambulance

In particularly complex cases, where the serious state of the health of the child requires prompt, urgent intervention, it is necessary to organise, by the shortest possible time, air transport by air ambulance, with dedicated equipment and medical staff.

A flight is their only possibility.
Flying Angels deals with:

Funding the the round-trip airfare for a seriously ill child

Funding the the round-trip airfare for a parent (or a legal guardian) so that he/she can fly together with the child

Funding the the round-trip airfare for doctors belonging to multiple, different medical specialization, on helath mission

Funding and arranging air ambulance transfer for a seriously sick child, in extremely urgent and severe situations

Organising travels in the most appropriate way according to a child's state of health, facilitating the collection of necessary paperwork and speeding up the issuing of visas by Italian Embassies in the world, thanks to a 'green channel' granted by the Farnesina.



Each child's story is unique and could intertwine with yours.


You can find below children that now are waiting to fly toward the hospital and reach life-saving treatments. Since communication sometimes are very difficult, unfortunately we do not always manage to have their photos available before departure. Besides, we'll update their profile as soon as a photo will be available, according to their consent.
Flyight details, such ad departure/arrival date and ticket amount, could be subject to changes, as in case of postponed returns due to health reasons.

  1. Emergenza Ucraina

    Partecipa al finanziamento del volo per il prossimo bambino
    €1.814 donated of €10.000(Voli ancora da confermare)
  2. Kyla Rose

    Entebbe - Bangalore
    Bangalore - Entebbe
    12/05/2022 (A)
    15/06/2022 (R)
    Namulanda, Uganda
    €3.255 donated of €3.255(A/R flight fare)
  3. Equipe out Kenya

    Manchester, London Heathrow - Nairobi
    Nairobi - Manchester, London Heathrow
    04/05/2022 (A)
    14/05/2022 (R)
    Nairobi, Kenya
    €0 donated of €5.792(A/R flight fare)

Our 2022 goal

is, together, to be able to keep on helping seriously ill children asking for HELP, and

Far volare circa 120 bambini, accompagnati, verso la loro unica speranza di Vita

To enable 5 Medical Equipes to reach and operate, locally, over 50 children 6 Missioni di Medici out ed Equipe per operare circa 80 bambini in loco

Founding over 120 lifesaving flight tickets oltre 530 biglietti aerei, salvaVIta

Our 2022 goal

is, together, to be able to keep on helping seriously ill children asking for HELP, and 

Far volare 120 bambini nel mondo

Far volare 6 Missioni di Medici ed Equipe per operare circa 80 bambini

Finanziare 530 biglietti aerei

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