Let these children heal and grow up
by donationg for their life-saving flights.

For each of them, your donation can make the difference.

Below are the children waiting to fly for life-saving treatments.

Unfortunately, we do not always have pictures available for every child, before departure, because of many different reasons. As a consequence, it can happens that some photos of the little boy or girl in need, will be missing, but as soon as they will be available, and based on the personal consent, we will publish them all.
Flyight details, such ad departure/arrival date and ticket amount, could be subject to changes, as in case of postponed returns due to health reasons.

  1. Jò Joaquim, 12 years

    Bissau - Milano Malpensa
    Milano Malpensa - Bissau
    04/05/2021 (A)
    19/02/2022 (R)
    Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
    €1.020 donated of €2.859(A/R flight fare)
  2. Scovia, 12 years

    Entebbe - Roma
    Roma - Entebbe
    06/05/2021 (A)
    08/11/2021 (R)
    Kalongo, Uganda
    €20 donated of €2.338(A/R flight fare)
  3. Ramona, 7 years

    Nairobi - Roma
    Roma - Nairobi
    01/07/2021 (A)
    30/06/2022 (R)
    €20 donated of €1.942(A/R flight fare)
  4. Equipe out Kosovo

    Genova e altri - Pristina
    Pristina - Genova e altri
    18/09/2021 (A)
    25/09/2021 (R)
    €3.920 donated of €3.920(A/R flight fare)
  5. Albi, 13 years

    Tirana - Verona
    Verona - Tirana
    09/09/2021 (A)
    To be confirmed
    Lushnjë, Albania
    €443 donated of €723(Importo del volo solo andata)
  6. Medico Out Benin

    Milano Linate - Cotonou
    Cotonou - Milano Linate
    04/10/2021 (A)
    02/11/2021 (R)
    Tanguiéta, Benin
    €20 donated of €1.085(A/R flight fare)
  7. Serigne, 16 years

    Dakar - Milano Malpensa
    Milano Malpensa - Dakar
    13/10/2021 (A)
    11/12/2021 (R)
    Touba, Senegal
    €0 donated of €1.796(A/R flight fare)
  8. Noela, 6 months

    Tirana - Verona
    Verona - Tirana
    10/10/2021 (A)
    To be confirmed
    Shkodër, Albania
    €0 donated of €282(Importo del volo solo andata)

You can also donate and support the 'Emergency Flights Fund'

By donating and supporting the Emergency Flights Fund, you will enable Flying Angels Foundation to tace immediate action in case of urgent, immediate requests of help, where time can really make the difference in saving lifes.

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