a fundamental value,
the basis of trust.

A "work in progess" process

Transparency is the prerequisite for trust, in a relationship that aims to last as long as possible, such that between the Foundation and its donors, non-profit partner organizations and all those who participate in the realization of the Mission.
Transparency is one of the core values ​​of Flying Angels, both in the relationship with stakeholders and in terms of traceability and use of donations.
Accurate, exhaustive and immediate reporting of the social value that the Foundation manages to achieve in favor of sick children asking for help, goes hand in hand with sharing materials that demonstrate the economic and social dimension of the organisation.

Social Report

The Social Report is a document through which Flying Angels, together with the active participation of its stakeholders, communicates its activities and achievements , highlighting the economic and financial dimension.
The Social Report is also a programmatic document, through which the Foundation shares its short and medium term commitments towards all related stakeholders.

Activity Report

The Activity Report is drawn up on an annual basis. Its aim is to transmit in a transparent and simple way the ovarall Foundation activity, in terms of children helped, medical teams supported and flights founded, with a lot of detailed information regarding origins and destinations of children, medical areas, etc.
The latest edition of the Activity Report goes back to 2018. Then it was replaced by the Social Report.

Economic and patrimonial balance sheet and mission report

Flying Angels Foundation, always in compliance with the utmost transparency, publishes its financial statements on an annual basis, which is made up of its balance sheet and cash flow statement (with incomes and expenses highlighted).
Supporting and completing above mentioned financial statemtent, the Mission Report is drawn up too on a yearly basis. It describes all activities carried out for the pursuit of the mission together with the explanatory notes to the financial statements reported.

Public contributions

According to the Italian Law 124 of 4 August 2017 - Article 1, paragraphs 125-129 - Fulfilment of the obligations of transparency and publicity for Bodies that have relations with the public administration, Flying Angels declares not to have received any sums for the year 2019.


5x1000 reporting

Hereby you can find the 2016 fiscal year report.

Secure donations

In order to ensure secure transactions, we have implemented the best protection standards for online payments on our website.
You can thus donate with the only desire to concretely help a child to fly!