5 years
Flight dates: 23/03/2015 (A)
10/04/2015 (R)
Miles 18.152 Miles
Company: Turkish Airlines
Flight Kiev - Seoul
Origin:Zaporizhia Ucraina
Hospital:Yeson Voice Center
Involved ONG:Ukrainian National Charitable Fund Zaporuka
Flight cost€1.971(A/R flight fare)

Kyrylo is only 5 years old and has great courage, in fact he will have to face a journey of 4,500 miles from Ukraine to South Korea, to reach the medical center specializing in the treatments he badly needs.

The departure

The little boy left on March 23 for South Korea where he arrived 14 hours later.


Kyrylo underwent the care he needed at the Yeson Voice Center in Seoul.

Back home

On April 10 he returned home to Ukraine .. Here he is smiling in a photo from a few days ago .. a big hug to the little one and thanks to all those who supported him, from Kyrylo, his parents and the whole Foundation !

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