Create a personal fundraiser

Make a special day truly unique, for you, your friend and for a child waiting for life-saving treatments.

Your birthday is a special event that can become an occasion also to help seriously ill children.
Have you ever thought about it?
Giving a smile to those who cannot be cured can be the greatest gift!
With a few clicks you can create a fundraiser on Facebook and become ambassador for a cause that can save many sick children.

A fundraiser is a gesture of trust: towards an organization and, in the same way, towards friends from whom you ask for a donation. Joining your name with Flying Angels means believing in a Foundation that, in over 10 years of activity, has saved over 2,300 seriously ill children , making them fly to life-saving treatments.

Sharing with you and with your friends, this important mission makes us proud and happy.



To start a fundraiser follow below instructions: everything is very simple and you will need just few minutes.
All the amounts raised will be entirely donated to Flying Angels Foundation and Facebook will not keep anything. Are you ready? Let's begin!

Log in to Facebook and go to the Flying Angels Foundation page. Click on the "Fundraising" button
Click on the "collect donations" button
A screen will open with some fields to complete. Let's see them in detail.
Enter the amount you intend to collect and the date on which you wish to close and complete the collection (may coincide with your birthday). If you want, you can change the text that will be published on the page and the accompanying image.
When you are done, click on "create" and ... congratulations!
Your fundraiser is published !

Your birthday helps a seriously ill child to fly and to reach the hospital and the cures he/her desperately needs. Thank you so much!
Grazie di cuore.



✈️ Make a donation yourself before sharing the campaign with your friends: seeing that you are the first to believe in your project is incentive!

✈️ Also seeing that other people donate is a good encouragement to donate: ask a few friends to make their donation immediately and make it visible to everyone, it will be a good example for those who arrive later!

✈️Do not just use Facebook, share your fundraiser also on other social channels (Whatsapp, Instagram, via email) and remind the same people several times.

✈️ Thank all friends who have donated, trusting you and Flying Angels.

“I've always had some doubts about the possibility of opening a fundraiser on Facebook. I thought it was difficult and I was afraid that no one would participate… The enthusiastic reaction of my friends filled my heart and made me feel all their closeness. Can I tell? It was the best birthday present! "
 Iris, sostenitrice di Flying Angels Foundation


Share our campaign with your friends and let everyone know how easy it is to donate to Flying Angels on your birthday.