Personal Fundraising

Your active commitment
in favour of seriously ill children

There are new ways in which you can help support the Foundation's mission today and collaborate with fundraising in a personal, direct way, to buy life-saving flights and to take seriously ill children to the care they desperately need.

Become an angel for a child awaiting to fly:
becomes a Flying Angels ambassador and take part to the Foundation's mission.

That's how!

Activate a fundraiser on Facebook

Facebook has made it possible to raise funds for an organisation on the occasion of birthdays or other special events, simply and quickly. br>Thanks to your personal network you can do a lot for Flying Angels:

  • support the Foundation by sharing its posts and social contents
  • involve your most distant, but also close friends in actively taking part in the cause you believe in, with a donation, in just a few clicks, thanks to the activation of a fundraiser for special occasions!

Creating a fundraiser on Facebook is really simple and intuitive.

Create a personalized fundraiser

There are many special occasions that can turn into a moment to share - with family and friends- FlyingAngels cause and organise a fundraising project together. That can really make the difference for a the Foundation and, most of all, for the children in need of help. You can thus:

  • contribute in a very personal and direct way to make the Foundation more and more well known
  • involve your friends in actively taking part in the Flying Angels cause
  • participate together, with us and your loved ones, to a life-saving project: by financing a flight to the hospital for a seriously ill child.

There are many options you can consider: contact us, tell us the context and we will think about the proposal tailored to your party, birthday or event, which will become even more unique.

Create your own project with "Rete del Dono"

Rete del Donois a crowdfunding platform aimed to create personal fundraising projects in support of non-profit organizations and specific campaigns. Whoever creates his own personal project becomes a Personal Fundraiser and involves his entire network of contacts to achieve his goal. By choosing Flying Angels as a beneficiary organization within the portal, you can directly contribute to the Flight Emergency Fund, used to finance life-saving flights. Donors can participate by donating online but also by promoting the initiative, feeding a virtuous circuit of solidarity. Contact us and step by step we will follow you in this beautiful adventure!

Might you would like to plan a personal fundraising together, in favor of the Foundation, do not hesitate to contact us:

Write an email to
or just call the +390100983277