Medico out Benin

Flight dates: 07/10/2016 (A)
30/10/2016 (R)
Miles 5.322 Miles
Company: Air France
Flight Genova - Cotonou
Origin: Benin
Hospital:Hopital Saint Jean De Dieu di Tanguieta
Involved ONG:Privato
Flight cost€917(A/R flight fare)
Dr. Buffa went to Benin for a surgical mission at the Hopital St. Jean de Dieu where, in addition to operating on children, he has been carrying out a training project for local medical staff for years.

The departure

The doctor left Genoa on 7 October and after a stopover in Paris landed in Cotonou, and then moved to the city of Tanguieta.

The missiom

The doctor, together with local doctors, operated on 19 children. The youngest Djariath who was only about ten days old at the time of surgery, while the other children were between 2 months and 8 years old were operated on and are currently in the recovery phase. Their names are Houbeissou, Soulè, Aquilas, Ronaldine, Amandine, Talimou, Aimè Tresor, Jaques,, Kouagou, Sherif, Bruno, Nazirou, Hervè, Alexandre, Samidja, Fawaz, Abdoul Gani, Aminata.

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