11 months
Flight date: 01/02/2021 (A)
To be confirmed (R)
Miles 1.194 Miles
Company: Cielo Aviation
Flight Milano Linate - Londra
Origin:Padova Italia
Hospital:Great Ormond Street Hospital
Involved ONG:Privato
Flight cost€7.320(One-way flight fare)

Baby Vittoria’s story

Vittoria is just 11 months old, and she suffers from a severe pathology since birth: she was born without her thymus gland, which produces T cell lymphocytes. These fundamental cells help defend your organism from viruses, bacteria and germs. Without a thymus gland, the immunity response is severely compromised, and Vittoria is extremely vulnerable to any kind of infection. Only two hospitals in the world have the necessary abilities, competences and facilities to help her: one is in London, the other one is in the United States.
Considering Vittoria’s precarious health and the ongoing Covid pandemic, travelling is even more complicated than usual.
However, her dad has never lost hope for her daughter, and gets in touch with Flying Angels.

The departure

Vittoria needs the safest sanitary measures to be able to fly, and a private flight is the best solution to reduce the risk of a Covid infection.
Shortly after receiving her application, Flying Angels promptly arranges a flight for Vittoria and her parents, and transfers her as quickly and safely as possible from Padova to Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.


Once at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Vittoria undergoes a delicate surgical operation, carried out by the same medical team that has taken charge of her case last fall. The surgery is an essential step forward in her care pathway.

Back home

Only a few days after the surgery, both the girl and her parents have made it back home safely, and they now have a lot more hope for their daughter’s future.

Some pictures from her journey

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