Daniel's flight

This is the story of Daniel, who thanks to your help has made it. Daniel was born on September 14, 2016 in Nigeria, in a village not far from Port Harcourt, a very large inhabited center located near the delta of the Niger river.
It was a hot Wednesday on the day of his birth and it was immediately clear to the parents that the baby was unhealthy.
Respiratory difficulties, loss of appetite - which had strongly delayed his growth - and daily fatigue.

The first difficulty for Daniel and his family was the ability to promptly diagnose his ill-ness..

It was necessary to wait 8 months and for the arrival of an Italian surgical team on a mission to name Daniel's disease: congenital heart disease from birth.
A diagnosis, difficult for any parent to accept, even more so if there are no hospitals near home to perform visits, screening and even specialists who are able to intervene.

Daniel's illness, however, was not incurable, in Europe there are excellent hopes of recovery, but there is a need for a long journey, to be completed in the shortest possible time and without having caused further stress to Daniel's already weak physique.

A relay of aid and solidarity was activated which brought Daniel and his mom, on February 27 2018, to climb on their first - and probably most important - air journey.
Upon their arrival there was an ambulance waiting for them to check his vital signs and reach the hospital as quickly as possible.
Daniel was operated on March 7. After a 5-hour intervention and a few days in intensive care, the baby began to recover, eat and grow.
After just a month, Daniel was able to get back on a plane, this time to go home, healed.

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