Flying Angels & ISTAT Foundation

Saving lives through air flights: our way to look ahead

The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation (ISTAT Foundation) was founded in 1994 to support individuals and institutions that promote the advancement of commercial aviation and humanitarianism.
Among other initiatives, The ISTAT Foundation provide grants to selected non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations around the globe that stress and use the power of aviation to help save lives, promote human well-being and alleviate suffering.
A mission that naturally found correspondence with Flying Angels one, giving rise to a long lasting and solid collaboration between those organizations that allowed saving many children lives.

Investing in the future

Investing in the future is one of the primary objectives of the Istat Foundation which, together with Flying Angels, is committed to making a future possible, for seriously ill children of the world who, without a flight, would not be able to reach hospitals and necessary treatments.
Investing in the future means working together, being present year after year, to make life-saving cures a right for every child, not just for some.
It is along this path of solidarity that many steps have been taken, together, and many lives saved.

Patrik Baraka, one of the children whose life-saving flight was financed thanks to the contribution of the Istat Foundation

The project: from a simple beginning to a great journey, together

In 2017 Flying Angels launched a fundraising project linked to the world of air transportation, thanks to which several children managed to be saved, obtaining an important impact on national and international press and media.
On that occasion ISTAT Foundation come to know the Genoese Foundation and its operations and, once into contact, the two realities decided to start a common path, toghether, destined to last over time, based on trust, transparency and the absolute consistency of their respective missions.

Year after year, Flying Angels has thus begun to propose to the American Foundation various projects, always welcomed and supported. That led to a total of 31 children helped: 14 through life-saving flights and 17 through mission financing, able to intervene on site.

Even in particularly complex times, such as those characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic, the support of the ISTAT Foundation has never been lacking.
It is also thanks to partnership like this, that it has been possible for Flying Angels TO CONTINUE TO HELP and SAVE LIVES, even through most difficult times.

Hereby images representing the core of this meaningful collaboration: some photos of saved children

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