Flying Angels & ISTAT Foundation

The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation (ISTAT Foundation) was founded to support individuals and institutions that promote the advancement of commercial aviation and humanitarianism.
Among other initiatives, The ISTAT Foundation provide grants to selected non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations around the globe that stress and use the power of aviation to help save lives, promote human well-being and alleviate suffering.
A mission that naturally found correspondence with Flying Angels one, giving rise to a long lasting and solid collaboration between those organizations that allowed saving many children lives.

Helping today, for tomorrow

The intent of the collaboration between Istat Foundation and Flying Angels Foundation is to act now, engage in current circumstances to ensure a future, in particular, to seriously ill children of the world who can have hope only through a flight, so that they can reach the hospital - and cures- they desperately need.
The aim is to protect and defend their right to access treatments and surgeries they need, through an immediate and concrete help not available in the country where they live.

Mitsevska Zlata, one of the children whose life-saving flight was financed thanks to the contribution of the Istat Foundation

It is thanks to the  solidity of the relationship between the Foundations  that it has been possible to build to a  continuous project of intervention, consolidated year after year: from 2017 - year in which ISTAT Foundation becomes aware of the work of the Genoese Foundation - onwards, yes in fact, an important support that has made it possible to save many lives, has been reconfirmed. Nowadays, a total of  41 children have been helped, of which 16 through life-saving air flights, 17 in connection with the financing of a medical team that was able to intervene locally, and 8 following the Ukraine emergency.

The Ukraine Special Grant

Following the Ukraine emergency, Flying Angels proposed to the ISTAT Foundation, which welcomed the project, a type of dedicated intervention, aimed at financing life-saving air flights for Ukrainian children, caught by both a health and humanitarian emergency, in the perspective of safeguarding their right to treatment in such a dramatic and delicate moment.
Thanks to this collaboration, flights for Alina (9 years), Oleksandra (12 years), Alisa (3 years), Olena (12 years), Nikita (7 years), Zlata (4 years), Dmytro (10 years), Karyna (17 years old) were financed. Together with a companion - mainly the mother or the father - all of them were able to reach the urgent care they needed.

Support in emergencies is a manifestation of the pragmatic nature of this collaboration, capable of having a great, immediate impact.

Here are some images of saved children

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